Gaspari Fat Loss Cycle Reviews

Gaspari Nutrition Anatropin Review–Marc Lobliner Reviews Gaspari’s Testosterone Booster

Bendie Power Stud Little Guy Waterproof Vibe 6.5 - Black

Bendie Power Stud Little Guy Waterproof Vibe 6.5 – Black


Bendie Power Stud Little Guy Black Vibrator. Soft, power-packed stud flexes and bends for multi-directional positioning. 3 intense speeds. Easy to operate. Push button control. Waterproof for play in and out of the bedroom. Safe and pure for body and pleasure. Made using phthalate free materials PVC shaft, ABS plastic and ABS plastic with polyurethane PU Cote cap, ABS plastic with silver plating d…

Tantus Silk Small

Tantus Silk Small


A toy from the Silk line is the perfect choice for a first dildo. This line will allow you to safely try a new experience and not feel awkward or embarrassed about purchasing an extreme toy. These dildos are available in three sizes and are a sensual delight that glide in perfectly smooth. Beautiful in simplicity, the Silk Small comes in 2 feminine colors and in black. The Silks are perfectly safe…

Kong The Realistic Dildo Beige

Kong The Realistic Dildo Beige


What comes to mind when you hear the word, Kong – a massive creature of mythical proportions? Well, what if Kong was a dong? Excited? You should be. This massive, lifelike cock and balls is the king of all dildos. With its incredibly realistic texture and feel, the only thing that separates it from the real thing is its impressive size….