Trying to Get Back into My Skinny Jeans

I’ve been battling with my weight for most of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever really been obese, but I have definitely been 60 pounds overweight once or twice. I have to tie those massive weight gains in with my pregnancies. I seem to recall it was pretty easy to lose weight after the first two, but the weight I put on with the last one is still hanging around.
I’ve never been the super active athlete type. I played softball, tennis and did gymnastics as a kid, and during my time in the military I participated in a mandatory fitness program, but I’m not the type to run a marathon. I have a car if I need to travel that far. Isn’t that what cars are for?

I’ve tried lots of diets and exercises, joined gyms, bought the latest greatest workout video and things like that, but none of those produced results in the long term. There are some many programs, diets, fads, routines, techniques, gels, creams, sprays, super foods, pills and who knows what else out there on the market these days. The programs I tried all worked great; as long as I kept doing them. There lies the problem: my lack of motivation. I still don’t have much get-in-shape-fitness-type motivation most of the time. Over the last five years or so I seem to spend a lot of time being tired.
I’m not sure exactly why I’m tired all the time. Maybe it’s because I don’t exercise enough or don’t eat right? Maybe… I think it may be a combination of getting older, not getting enough sleep, lack of exercise and just a stressful life in general. Most days I can barely drag myself out of bed, I am sluggish most of the day and I am completely exhausted by 9 pm. I thought you were supposed to require less sleep as you got older?

It’s not that I totally hate walking, jogging or running. I guess I just like to do those activities under the right circumstances. I like to be able to find a nice jogging trail where I can put on my headphones and walk, jog, or run at whatever pace I want and enjoy the scenery along the way. Most of the time my only choice is to go out in my neighborhood and risk getting run over by people going 50 on our 15 mph residential streets complete with speed bumps to keep them from going 50 in a 15 mph zone.

I remember when I was in the military and was deployed to somewhere VERY hot, I used to wait until 10:30 pm to go out and run on a shut -down road. It was entirely too hot to run during the day, so I would grab my iPod and head out for a run. It was actually very relaxing. Oddly enough, even that late it was still about 85 – 90 degrees, but that beats the 110+ degree heat and direct sunlight during the day. Even today, whenever I hear one of the songs from my playlist at that time, my mind flashes back to those nighttime jogs.

And the battle of the bulge wages on…